Sunday, March 18, 2012

I can't remember why

I can't remember why I stopped blogging and started FBing. It's all for show. So many great things have happened in the last few month. My dad and sister had an awesome birthday. I started working at the kids school and have since stopped working there too. Bought a big trampoline for Christmas. Went to California for spring break. Coached the girls in soccer. Watched Reese score 2 goals and Chase do the same in a different game. Put our house up for sale. Read some really amazing books. Had a 12 year wedding anniversary. Did my first 10k in January. I started waking up at least twice a week to run with Anna at 5:20 a.m. something I never thought I would do. Turned 31, and am always contemplating where to move. Even though its a long shot New Orleans is on our radar right now.
Danny always knows the way.
some of my family at the end of November, the week went by so fast.
Me and Denise outside the Portland. OR temple.
Sideways look at Chase and Reese with their Ganye.
I was mad at Danny when we arrived, I seriously can't remember why now. What's up with that??? So I was acting all pissy and to snap me out of it everyone started acting like me too.
I was Mad in this picture.
These kids love visiting the temples. As do I.
Still faking it.
And they said it wouldn't last.

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Hansens said...

Glad your blogging again, oh how i have missed you so.