Friday, August 24, 2012

a funny night with Reese

I think Danny was out of town and I was playing waitress with the girls.  
 we moved to a house with a pool.  the kids changed schools.
 we went to the zoo.
 we went to Mckenna's 8th grade graduation.
 we knew you were coming so we baked a cake.
we saw Tangled at the theatre.

Monday, August 22, 2011

going green

Something you should know. Green is my favorite color, except when it comes to food, then its orange (Cheetos, candy corn, carrots?, macaroni and cheese, and goldfish)The Northwest is so green! I love it. Summer with the cousies was pretty lovable too!
Getting ready for beach weekend baby!
Chase took this one, hence the blur.
Dad with me and the girls after a family home evening.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a few of my favorite things (and people)

Jake, if I had a little boy, I would want him to be just like you!
I believe this was the original 944 that Jake Ryan drove in Sixteen Candles. We went to watch some races at the Portland International Raceway, we saw some impressive cars to say the least.

This blue Porsche that jake is standing by was my 2nd runner up.

We looked at this Porsche for the longest. I love the colors and how you get inside.

A cute little racer coming off the track.

This is my ultimate dream car, and the license plate is so fitting, MONSTER, why yes you are.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"broke down tree park"

as cousin john so lovingly referred to this Huntington beach park. sunday after church we packed up the cars and headed out for a picnic. when john got there he was pissed because "where is the park, the playground?!?!" "this is just a broke down tree park!" we all died laughing.
inseparable for the whole trip, chase and avery. danny and i even bought them matching outfits at justice one day. lame i know, but i couldn't help myself. chase cried for days after leaving. i know the feeling well.
danny and i making some sandwiches. i feel like joey, i LOVE sandwiches!
my totes amazing mom, who does circles around the rest of us. she walked every morning we there. i didn't wake up in time once! lame, i know. :)
c.b. niece aderies. she is so dainty and cute and loves her momma more than anything.
reese and grace need i say more
look at that crappy tree!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer summer bang bang

What do these things have in common? Absolutely nothing.
random the way i've set this post up, but at least i've got a post UP people.

summer must have if you ask me!salt river fun!

a diagram of the gallbladder in case you were wondering

we started summer of with a bang when danny had to have his gallbladder out in a bit of an emergency. he's all good and to prove to himself and everyone around he's been doing a "master cleanse" otherwise known as the lemonade diet. google it. now we have our very own jack la lain power juicer and a no red meat diet too add to all this excitement...i want a whopper... i digress, the girls and i are home for a bit so everyday we do something relatively fun. we floated the salt river, chase was a thumbs up, savanna was a thumbs down on the experience. we went to the dollar movie with friends. i bought that smart food popcorn in the black bag by the chips in walgreens. the whole bag has 230 calories and it was soooo goood. i remember my mom eating this stuff by the hand fulls (literally) on our oh so long road trips. good times and good memories. we've had lots of friends over, played the wii too much, and enjoyed one too many pop tarts.

the thing i most look forward to in the summer is sleeping in! so why do i feel so guilty when i do it??? any suggestions?