Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer summer bang bang

What do these things have in common? Absolutely nothing.
random the way i've set this post up, but at least i've got a post UP people.

summer must have if you ask me!salt river fun!

a diagram of the gallbladder in case you were wondering

we started summer of with a bang when danny had to have his gallbladder out in a bit of an emergency. he's all good and to prove to himself and everyone around he's been doing a "master cleanse" otherwise known as the lemonade diet. google it. now we have our very own jack la lain power juicer and a no red meat diet too add to all this excitement...i want a whopper... i digress, the girls and i are home for a bit so everyday we do something relatively fun. we floated the salt river, chase was a thumbs up, savanna was a thumbs down on the experience. we went to the dollar movie with friends. i bought that smart food popcorn in the black bag by the chips in walgreens. the whole bag has 230 calories and it was soooo goood. i remember my mom eating this stuff by the hand fulls (literally) on our oh so long road trips. good times and good memories. we've had lots of friends over, played the wii too much, and enjoyed one too many pop tarts.

the thing i most look forward to in the summer is sleeping in! so why do i feel so guilty when i do it??? any suggestions?


Hansens said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the intestine! Who doesn't need that on their blog. The rest of your summer is just going to be down hill.

Shirli said...

The bile duct is an important duck. It can mean the difference between flying with the flock or against it. Although it looks green on the blog it is actually more of a mallard color. Ducks can fly in a "v" formation or just hit the fan. but bring it in for a landing. Deep Thoughts by MOMOMOMOMMOMOOMMO

Melanie said...

"The rest of your summer is just going to be down hill." Hilarious! And your post is hilarious! You are all hilarious! I'm so glad Danny is ok, and the picture of the intestine truly made my day. I could look at that stuff all day long. And regarding the guiltiness you feel from sleeping in...I'll give you a great option:
We'll switch for a couple days, wake up with my boys at 5:30 or 6, change some dirty diapers, and it will remind you of when your girls woke up that early and you had to get up with them. Sleep! You deserve it! It does wonders for the intestines too. Don't know if that's scientifically proven, but it sounds good. Do it for your health, Kiran. :)

Melanie said...
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